Ceros Design Courses

Earn design certifications and badges

Guided Design Course Certifications

Throughout the Guided Design Course, you can complete various design challenges to earn Design Points. If you earn enough Design Points, you'll earn a Course Certification and Badge.

Guided Design Course Achievements

Special Design Achievements are available for those who consistently earn Diamond Badges throughout the Guided Design Courses. Earning a Diamond in every course within a series will earn a Ruby Badge for that specific series. Those who earn a Ruby Badge in both courses will then achieve the top-rank Onyx Badge.

Course FAQ

The Ceros 101 Learning Collections, which include Studio 101, Editor 101, Gemma 101, and MarkUp 101, are self-paced courses designed to help you get familiar with the Ceros suite.

The Guided Design Courses, which include the Visual Design Series and Interactive Content Creation Series, are virtual instructor led courses designed to help you master various digital design principles, methods, and techniques.