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Embedding a Lead Form

With Ceros and HubSpot, embedding interactive lead forms becomes an efficient process, empowering our marketers to capture valuable customer insights directly through our digital content.

Why use a lead form?

Utilizing the Studio’s HubSpot integration allows marketers to embed interactive HubSpot forms directly into their experiences. This fusion enhances user engagement by providing a seamless and visually captivating interaction, improving data capture and lead management. Automatic synchronization with HubSpot streamlines workflows, enabling tailored marketing strategies and fostering deeper connections with audiences. This integration is a powerful tool for driving effective marketing outcomes.

A close look at embedding a Hubspot form in Ceros

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  • How do I connect my HubSpot account to my Ceros account?

    We have a step-by-step guide that covers this process linked below!

  • Can I add lead forms from platforms other than HubSpot within my experience?

    Yes! Using the Embed Object tool in the Studio, you can incorporate forms from several third-party platforms into your experience(s).

  • Are there other marketing integrations available in Studio?

    Of course! Ceros offers integrations for Eloqua and Marketo, please refer to their respective guides in the Resources section below.

Additional Resources