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Top 5 Ways to Embed Micro Content

Discover the power of micro content in enhancing user engagement and retention on your website. This video guides you through the top 5 methods to seamlessly integrate micro content.

Want to try out something you saw in the video? Import links are attached below!

Call to Action (CTA) Button

Whatever action you want your audience to take — downloading an asset, filling out a form, requesting a demo — make it simple for them to see that next step. A call to action button is eye-catching and makes it easy for you to track clicks.   

CTA Template

Icons with Popups

The majority of users scroll through digital content, and graphic icons make it easy for them to pick up on the most important takeaways. Putting secondary information behind a click or hover state allows users to choose where they want to learn more and to process it at their own pace. 

Popup Infographic Template 

Data Visualization 

Whether it’s designing a pie chart to be interactive or simply emphasizing a stat- data visualization can make your key takeaways pop. Yes, numbers can be this fun.

Data Viz Example

Hero Carousel 

You’ve got great content and a hero carousel will make it even easier for your users to find it. An auto-scrolling carousel can tease multiple links while adding some visual interest and interaction to your page. 

Hero Carousel Example

Image with Hotspots

We’re big fans of using visuals to absorb word count. Adding hotspots is an easy way to elaborate on an image, whether you want to explain product features or highlight different areas on a map. 

Image with Hotspots Template