Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Editing Image Masks with Editor

In Studio, you can use the shape tool, icons, and alpha PNGs to focus on a specific area of an image using that selected shape, this technique is called image masking. You can modify these masked images in Editor to update the image properties or replace it entirely with a new image. 

Edit image masks

  1. Double-click the masked image you want to edit (for masked icons, hold cmd/ctrl and click)

  2. With the image selected, use the design panel to adjust the properties: 

    1. Replace Image

    2. Rotation

    3. Corner Radius

    4. Opacity

    5. Other image settings

  3. Click elsewhere or press escape to return back to the default editing mode. 

You can also create and alter Object States for the masked image by using the state dropdown menu at the top of the design panel. If you cannot find the Object States dropdown menu, enable the “Advanced” toggle in the design panel.