Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Using Gemma in MarkUp

Access Gemma–your creative AI assistant–in all of the tools in the Ceros suite, including MarkUp. She can recognize the text (and context) within your MarkUp document. Ask her to help review copy, make suggestions, then preview what her suggestions would look like in real time.

Using Gemma in MarkUp

  1. Log in to your account on markup.io or within a MarkUp review document

  2. Upon placing a comment on a text element you can access Gemma for copywriting assistance:

    1. Click the “Ask AI” button

    2. Tag @Gemma AI

    3. Press Spacebar (if the comment field is empty)

  3. Input a prompt and press Enter or click Post

    1. Gemma will be able to recognize, read, and understand the text element you selected

    2. Try asking her things like:

      1. Spell checking

      2. Reword for a different audience

      3. Reformat

      4. Summarize

      5. Expand

      6. … and much more!

  4. After a short moment, Gemma will respond in the comment thread.

    1. If you want her to take another shot at the response, click Retry

    2. Toggle the Preview button to update that text element in the project preview

Note: This will only give a sample of what it would look like. You will still need to apply those changes within Editor or Studio

  1. Once you are satisfied with the response, click Accept

  2. Click Copy to add Gemma’s text to your clipboard and paste it into the project in Editor or Studio

You will still be able to toggle the Preview button to view the text suggestion in the project view