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Actioning Feedback on a MarkUp

After you have shared your MarkUp and received feedback, you can jump back in to action this.

There are two tabs in the comments panel: ‘Active’ and ‘Resolved’. Active comments that still need attention will stay here until they have been marked as resolved by the team.

To resolve a comment:

  1. Hover over the comment in the side panel.

  2. Click the green ‘Resolved’ button.

  3. The comment will move to the ‘Resolved’ tab.

MarkUp Top Tip: You can still access these after they’ve been resolved to see what has been done on the project to date!

To unresolve a comment:

  1. Click the ‘Resolved’ tab.

  2. Hover over the intended comment.

  3. Click ‘Unresolve’.

  4. This comment will move back to the ‘Active’ tab.

To filter feedback by mentions:

If you want to action comments that have only been assigned to you, you can filter by your Mentions (this will also include the @project mentions).

  1. At the top of the comments panel, click the filter icon.

  2. Select ‘Mentions’.

  3. To remove the Mentions filter, simply return and unselect ‘Mentions’.

To filter feedback by pages [Website MarkUps only]:

To filter feedback by the specific link/webpage you are viewing in 

  1. At the top of the comments panel, click the filter icon.

  2. Select 'On this page'.

  3. To remove this filter, simply return and unselect 'On this page'. 

To find comments by pin:

  1. Click on the numbered pin in the content.

  2. The related comment will be highlighted in the comment panel.

To show pins in ’Browse’ mode:

If you are browsing through a Website MarkUp but want to see where collaborators have left comments, you can change your settings to show pins while browsing:

  1. Click the ’Settings’ wheel in the top left corner.

  2. Select, ‘Show pins in browse mode’.

Once all the comments on a MarkUp are resolved, you’re done! Simple as that!

Want to learn more on utilizing to streamline your workflow and get even more detailed feedback? Check out our Best Practices section.

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