Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Annotating Video MarkUps

With our video functionality, you can create, annotate, and share feedback in seconds on all popular video formats. This includes .mp4, .mov and 11+ other video file types. 
Our video scrubbing feature allows collaborators to pinpoint the exact frame in a Video MarkUp, reducing the amount of time spent in the review cycle. Making it easier, and faster, than ever to get your video project to your audience! 

The benefits of using MarkUp.io for all your video review needs include:

  • Ease of sharing: Share your videos with anyone, with no restrictions on who you can collaborate with. They don’t even need a MarkUp.io account to share their thoughts!

  • Organized, structured feedback: Keep all your video feedback in one place, with the ability to reply to others, attach files, and resolve or unresolve comments.

  • Time-saving: Simplify and speed up the review process, no matter how many collaborators are involved in your project.

  • Avoid duplicate comments: MarkUp.io’s real time feedback means that your reviewers can see what comments have already been left, and just reply with their additional thoughts. Saving you reading the same thing twice!

Using keyboard shortcuts to video scrub: 

  1. When in your Video MarkUp, use the left and right arrow keys to pinpoint the exact frame you want to leave a comment on.

  2. When you get to the spot you want to MarkUp, click on the video to drop a pin and comment 

  3. Holding the ‘Shift’ key will increase the scrubbing rate 10x 

  4. Upon release of the arrow keys:

    1. If the video was already playing, it will continue to play.

    2. If the video was not playing, it will remain paused.

Here are some more tips on making the most out of collaboration on Video MarkUps : 

  • Use MarkUp.io to quickly follow up on contextual feedback without all the back and forth with your team.

  • Make annotation part of the standard procedure for your project approval process to get faster sign-off.

  • Use the “Resolved” tab to review the feedback one more time before marking your project as done.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks from your process by optimizing your creative workflow.

Even more good news is that hassle-free video annotation only takes a few seconds - saving you from a lot of video editing time constraints!