Travis Bobier
 · Professional Nerd


Using comments in is the best way to give and receive feedback. But by following the steps below, you can make your feedback process even smoother - and finish that project in no time! 

Using Loom/attachment feature 

Sometimes words aren’t enough. allows you to add video feedback (with our Loom integration) or a file attachment.
With Loom, you can record your screen and face to send highly contextual video messages that are perfect for collaboration. We use Loom for support videos, product testing, demo recordings, and sometimes just to leave general notes for someone to view later.

Instead of just commenting with text, you can record your screen to explain in more detail what your feedback refers to. It adds personality and nuance - and helps you get straight to the point instead of scheduling another meeting.

So now you have your context sorted, let's direct the feedback to the right place! Use our Mentions feature to tag an individual, multiple individuals, or the whole project. 

Using the @ symbol, type anyone’s name to tag them directly, or use ‘@project’ to grab everyone’s attention! This will allow users to filter comments by Mentions so they can focus on essential bits of feedback. They can also change their settings to only receive emails about comments that mention them - keeping their inbox clear.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with commenting on

  • Search for keywords. Want to find that one comment you need to review but can’t remember where it is in the MarkUp - let alone what number pin it is? Use our search bar to bring the comment up!

  • Emphasize your feedback. Use our bold, italic, or underline features when leaving a comment (and even strikethrough if you want to scrap something!). This will help your team understand what you really mean and add weight to your comments. 

  • Add hyperlinks to your text. These links are great when working on Website MarkUps, and you want to direct your reader to another page but need your team to know which one. Or maybe you want to change an image, video, or font and have a link to the replacement - simply add it in! 

  • Personalize it with an emoji 🎉. You can add them to your MarkUp comments to give a little extra personality to your feedback!

  • Break it down with a list. Both bulleted and numbered lists are also available to give a structured run down of what you want your comments to convey to your team.