How do I whitelist MarkUp?

Firewalls can sometimes block MarkUp proxy requests when many users hit the same site simultaneously. You may have to whitelist MarkUp for it to function correctly.

Any request from the MarkUp platform will include either:

  1. Markup/1.0 in the user agent header

  2. A request header of markup-request: true

Follow this Cloudflare example guide to resolve this issue:

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account

  2. Select the website in question

  3. Check that the “Under Attack Mode” is turned off. 

  4. If the “Under Attack Mode” is off but the issue persists – navigate to the “Firewall” and select – “Firewall Rules”

  5. Click “Create a Firewall rule”

  6. In the form

    1. set your “Rule name” (e.g. “Allow MarkUp”)

    2. set “Field” to “User Agent”

    3. set “Operator” to “contains”

    4. set “Value” to “Markup/1.0”

    5. under “Then… choose an action”, select “Allow”

  7. Click “Deploy”

  8. Drag the newly created item to the top of the rules list.