Adrian Javier
 · Pun Enthusiast

Leaving Feedback on a MarkUp

Ready to provide some feedback? Simply open the MarkUp you want to leave feedback on and drop a pin with your comments.

There are two modes within a MarkUp - ‘comment’ and ‘browse’. This lets you switch between the two, so you can navigate to the right spot on your content and drop a pin when you’re ready to leave your feedback.

To comment:

Once you open the MarkUp, you will automatically be in ‘comment’ mode.

  1. Click anywhere on the content to create your first pin.

  2. Start typing to leave your feedback.

  3. Click ‘post’.

  4. You can repeat this process to leave as many pins as you like.

To browse:

This feature is great if you are working on a Website MarkUp and need to navigate around as if you were actually on the site.

  1. Toggle to ‘browse’ mode.

  2. Click on the content as you would if you were on the website as normal.

  3. Once you have navigated to the page you need to MarkUp, toggle back to ‘comment’ mode to leave feedback.

  4. Click on the content to create a pin.

  5. Start typing to leave your feedback.

  6. Click ‘Post’.

MarkUp Top Tip: If you want to see your pins while browsing, you can go to the MarkUp Settings and select ‘show pins in browse mode’.

Moving or deleting pins:

  1. When leaving a comment, if you accidentally place a pin in the wrong spot, you can easily move it by clicking and dragging it to the correct spot.

  2. If you need to delete a pin you have left, just click into the comment on the comment panel and click the bin icon. If there are other comments beneath this it will delete the whole chain.

Tagging others in comments:

If you have invited others to collaborate with you, you can direct feedback to individuals or all of your team by tagging them in the comments, using the @ symbol.

To tag a particular person:

  1. Click in the MarkUp to create a pin and comment.

  2. Type @ followed by their name.

  3. This will allocate those specific comments to this person (or multiple people you tag).

To tag the whole team:

  1. Click in the MarkUp to create a pin and comment.

  2. Type @ followed by ‘project’

  3. This will notify all individuals within the MarkUp.

Adding video and attachments to comments

  1. When leaving a comment, you can give your feedback even more context with either a video or file attachment.

  2. Leave a quick video comment with our Loom integration, instead of having to jump on a call to explain your feedback.

  3. If you want to provide an attachment to further clarify your feedback, you can easily upload it. For example, if you wanted to swap an image for a new one, simply upload the replacement image!

Screenshots in comments (Website MarkUps):

  1. You can leave a screenshot to show exactly what your Website MarkUp looked like at the time of a comment using our Google Chrome Extension.

  2. Once the Chrome extension is installed, go into ‘Settings’ on the bottom left corner of your MarkUp and ‘add screenshots to comments’ will automatically be toggled on.

  3. If you want to remove the screenshots, return to ‘Settings’ to toggle them off.

Now that all your comments are ready to be actioned, you can share your MarkUp with others to get the feedback process underway!