Travis Bobier
 · Professional Nerd Chrome Extension

Need a lightning-quick way to annotate and mark up websites? You've come to the right place.

Our Google Chrome extension helps you increase productivity and decrease feedback time. Here are a few ways it does this: is always within reach.

You can now access from any website in your Google Chrome browser. You can create a new Website MarkUp directly on the site or open any of your existing MarkUps for editing.

It’s easier to find feedback.

The Chrome extension immediately takes a screenshot of your Website MarkUp every time a comment or pin is left, so you can see what the site looked like when the feedback was left. With this extra layer of context, you'll always be certain where your reviewers originally left their feedback, even if your website has already been updated.

It’s super speedy!

Now you can create incredibly quick MarkUps with a few clicks!

Click here to download the Chrome extension and follow the below tutorial on getting it set up:

To create a MarkUp using the Chrome extension:

  1. Go to the website you want to MarkUp in your Google Chrome browser.

  2. Click the extension and then click ‘Create MarkUp’.

  3. This will open the page in a new tab within Now you’re ready to start collecting comments and gathering real-time feedback!

To open any current projects or existing MarkUps through the Chrome extension, simply click the ‘Open a Project’ button!

Ready to give it a go? Download the Chrome extension here!