Adrian Javier
 · Pun Enthusiast

Settings in a MarkUp

You can change and personalize your settings for individual MarkUps, depending on what your goals are or who you’re collaborating with.

To access Settings:

  1. While in the MarkUp, click the ‘Settings’ wheel in the top left-hand corner.

    • The default settings are enabled for:

      • 'Send email notifications'

        • All activities (default) 

        • For only mentions (not default) 

    • And disabled for:

      • 'Show pins in Browse mode' (for Website MarkUps)

  2. To turn each setting on or off, click the checkbox to enable the setting, and uncheck it to disable it.

Send email notifications:

If you want email notifications, make sure this setting is turned on. If you don't want these notifications, you can toggle them off in this Settings menu.

You can also control if you want notifications for all comments, or just the ones you are mentioned in! 

If you would like to receive notifications in a different channel, check out our integrations page to integrate with Slack, Teams and much more via Zapier! 

Show pins in Browse mode (Website MarkUps):

This setting is automatically disabled when a new MarkUp is created. If you would like to see where pins are in Browse mode, you can turn it on in the Settings menu.