Travis Bobier
 · Professional Nerd

Using Folders

It's time to get your Workspace organized to perfection - with the Folders feature on's paid plans! 

You can use Folders to build team structure, assign project ownership, or create better accessibility. With the ability to create as many Folders as you need and go up to five Sub-folders deep, you can streamline your workflow like never before!

But where do you start? We recommend separating your MarkUps based on your teams, clients, or project stages, so you can keep track of everything and avoid confusion.

Using Folders for teams or departments

You can organize your Workspace and Folders by department or team so that multiple stakeholders can use at the same time.

For example, one Folder can be specifically dedicated to the marketing team, another to the product team, and so on. This way, each team can keep up with the MarkUps they’re responsible for.

Simply invite each team to its dedicated Folder, and they can use the Subfolders to organize even further. 

You can give them access to the whole Workspace if you need to collaborate across teams. Just remember that anyone with access to that Workspace will automatically also get access to all the Folders and subfolders within it. 

Using Folders to track the stage of a project

Another great way to organize Folders is by project stage. For example, you can create Folders for internal review, client review, project status, or whatever fits your typical workflow. This means your team will know where to focus their efforts and can get your MarkUps from ideation to sign-off as quickly as possible. 

Using Folders to separate clients

By categorizing your MarkUps and Folders by client or stakeholder, you can give them access to the relevant files and get their feedback more efficiently. 

MarkUp Top Tip: If you frequently work with external stakeholders or clients, create at least two Subfolders - one for internal review and one for your clients. This separation will keep your internal conversations private. 
You can also combine the above tips to create the best process for you! 

For example, if you want to organize your Workspace by team or project stage, you can create a main Folder for each team. Then within those Folders, you can add Sub-Folders specifically for each phase of your review cycle. The possibilities are endless!

To create a Folder

  1. Click on the ‘add Folder’ icon in the right-hand corner of your Workspace. 

  2. Start typing the name for your Folder. Remember, you can always rename your Folder at a later date.

  3. Press ‘Enter’ to save your changes.

MarkUp Top Tip: If you already have MarkUps or other Folders you want to organize into the new Folder, just drag and drop them in.