3rd Party Integrations

Integrations can enhance your experience – from marketing automation platforms to external analytics platforms – these can be quickly added to your account for a smoother creation process.

Listed below are all of the integrations you can utilize and the articles detailing how you can activate them! If you prefer to set an integration at the experience level – for example, a co-branded piece of content – you can check out this article on how to set up Account and Experience-level integrations! 

Eloqua script can be integrated into your account, allowing all of your experiences to share each page view event in your Eloqua account.

Google Analytics in Studio will send page views, clicks, and hover events to your Google Analytics Account ensuring you get the same standard web page tracking for Studio content as you do for your other owned properties. 

Google Tag Manager is a tracking tool that allows users to add marketing tags and code to websites for data tracking and collecting. You can inject your Google Tag Manager code into your experiences to send page views, and click and hover events to your GTM account. 

HubSpot forms can be easily added to your experience with this integration. Using this, you can quickly locate your HubSpot forms, add them to your experiences, and even style them using custom CSS. 

Marketo allows you to track page views within the platform and add Marketo forms directly into your experience from the Studio.

Universal Analytics can leverage third-party analytics services you’re currently using (including Adobe Analytics) to track your experiences.

Chartblocks is an online chart-building tool and integrating this with your account allows you to embed charts directly into your Studio experiences. Please note: The ChartBlocks integration is a legacy feature that is only available to a select group of Studio users.