Kelsea Coker
 · LX Designer

Adding Anchor Points to Create Different Sections in an Experience

In addition to being able to create multiple pages in a single experience, you can also set up single-page navigation to drive users to different sections of a long scrolling experience. In this article, we’ll walk through how to create different sections, or Anchors as they are more commonly known, and the interactions to drive users to that section.

Creating Sections in Your Experience with Anchor Points

Begin with an experience that has below-the-fold content you want users to navigate to, then follow the steps outlined below:

Setting Anchor Points

  1. Select the Anchor Tool from the toolbar.

  2. Drop the anchor at the desired position on your canvas. This is where you want the page to scroll to.

  3. Create as many anchors as needed to mark different sections.

    • Note: Anchor points will be renumbered based on their position if rearranged, starting from the top.

Setting Up Interactions

  1. Select the Hotspot Tool from the toolbar.

  2. Draw a clickable area where the user interaction should take place, typically over a button or text link.

  3. With the Hotspot still selected, navigate to the Interact tab and add an interaction.

  4. Choose On Click as the trigger and Scroll to Position as the action.

  5. Specify the correct anchor point and then click Save Interaction.