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Ceros SDK: Events Glossary

About this Guide

This article contains a glossary of Ceros SDK events to use when writing your own SDK code. Please note that all listed events are as is, and we cannot guarantee all functionality to work across all experiences and devices. 

Page Changed

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.PAGE_CHANGED can be subscribed onCerosExperience callback argumentspage – CerosPage the new page

Fired whenever a page change has completed in a Ceros experience.

var pageChangedCallback = function(page){
  var payload = page.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.PAGE_CHANGED, pageChangedCallback);

Page changing

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.PAGE_CHANGING can be subscribed onCerosExperience callback argumentspage – CerosPage the new page

Fired whenever a page STARTS to change in a Ceros experience. Note that issuing a getCurrentPage command will return the page being navigated FROM until the page transition is complete.

var pageChangingCallback = function(page){
  var payload = page.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.PAGE_CHANGING, pageChangingCallback);


event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.CLICKED can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollection,  CerosSyncedObject  or  CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback argumentscomponent –  a CerosComponent  or  CerosSyncedObject   representing the component or syncedObject that was clicked

Fired whenever a component is clicked in the experience.

var componentClickedCallback = function(component){
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.CLICKED, componentClickedCallback);

Layer shown

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.SHOWN can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosLayer,  CerosLayerCollection,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollection,  CerosSyncedObject  or  CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback argumentslayer – a CerosLayer representing the layer that was made visible

Fired whenever a layer is shown (from being previously hidden) in the experience.

var layerShownCallback = function(layer){
  var payload = layer.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.SHOWN, layerShownCallback);

Layer hidden

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.HIDDEN can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosLayer,  CerosLayerCollection,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollectionCerosSyncedObject  or  CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback argumentslayer – a CerosLayer representing the layer or syncedObject that was hidden

Fired whenever a layer is hidden (from being previously visible) in the experience.

var layerHiddenCallback = function(layer){
  var payload = layer.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.HIDDEN, layerHiddenCallback);

Social share

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.SOCIAL_SHARE can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollection,  CerosSyncedObject  or  CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback argumentscomponent – a  CerosComponent  or CerosSyncedObject  representing the component or syncedObject that triggered the social share shareType – a CerosSDK.SHARING_TYPE  constant representing the type of social sharing that happened

Fired whenever the user performs a social sharing action. shareType will be one of these constants:





var socialShareCallback = function(component, shareType){
  if (shareType === CerosSDK.SHARING_TYPES.FACEBOOK){
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.SOCIAL_SHARE, socialShareCallback);

Animation started

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.ANIMATION_STARTED can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollection,  CerosSyncedObject  or CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback argumentscomponent – a  CerosComponent  or CerosSyncedObject  representing the component or syncedObject that an animation started playing on

Fired whenever an animation is triggered.

In SDK version 4.0.0 and above, when an animation is configured to repeat, this event will fire only on the first iteration of that animation.

var animationStartedCallback = function(component){
  var payload = component.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.ANIMATION_STARTED, animationStartedCallback);

Animation ended

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.ANIMATION_ENDED can be subscribed on:  CerosExperience,  CerosComponent,  CerosComponentCollection,  CerosSyncedObject  or  CerosSyncedObjectCollection  callback arguments:  component –   a CerosComponent  or  CerosSyncedObject  representing the component syncedObject that an animation finished playing on

Fired whenever an animation completes.

var animationEndedCallback = function(component){
  var payload = component.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.ANIMATION_ENDED, animationEndedCallback);

Video Played

event constantCerosSDK.EVENTS.VIDEO_PLAYED can be subscribed  on:  CerosExperience  or CerosComponent or   CerosComponentCollection  callback arguments:component  – a CerosComponent  representing the component that started playing

Fired whenever a video starts playing.

var videoPlayedCallback = function(component){
  var payload = component.getPayload();
experience.on(CerosSDK.EVENTS.VIDEO_PLAYED, videoPlayedCallback);