Travis Bobier
 · Professional Nerd

Copy & Paste Between Experiences

In Studio, you can copy and paste assets between experiences. This process is simple to execute and can be done with individual layers, groups, and folders.

How to Copy & Paste Assets Between Experiences

  1. Open the original experience you wish to copy an asset from in one tab/window of your browser and the other experience you'll be pasting the asset into in another tab/window.

  2. In the original experience, select the asset(s) you wish to copy in your Layers Panel. It's important to select assets from your Layers Panel and not from the canvas. This is because if you select from your canvas, layers with visibility toggled off will not be copied.

  3. With the asset(s) selected, press Command/Control + C on your keyboard, or right-click on the asset(s) and select Copy. Please note that assets cannot be dragged and dropped between experiences.

  4. With our asset(s) copied, open the other experience that you're pasting the asset(s) into, and then press Command/Control + V on your keyboard (which will paste the asset(s) in the exact canvas coordinates in the new experience relative to where they were in the original), or right-click on your canvas and select Paste Here to paste the asset(s) at the location you've right-clicked on in your canvas. 


Are animations retained when copying and pasting assets between experiences?

Yes! The animations applied to the assets in the experience they originated from will carry over into the experience you've pasted them into.

Are interactions retained when copying and pasting assets between experiences?

Yes, however, if your asset's interactions target another asset or page that does not exist in the experience you're pasting them into, those will break and display a red dot indicator next to the asset's name in the Layers panel signifying a faulty interaction.

Can you copy and paste animations on assets between experiences?

Yes! You can right-click on the asset you wish to copy the animation from in the Studio and select Copy Animations. In a different experience, select the asset you wish to paste the animation onto, right-click on it, and then select Paste Animations. (There are keyboard shortcuts to achieve this functionality as well)