Kelsea Coker
 · LX Designer

Creating Color Palettes

Setting a color palette can ensure your brand stays consistent across your content and will increase efficiency for your design team. There are two types of color palettes you can utilize in Studio:

Experience Colors Palette

Setting a color palette at an experience level allows you to identify a set of colors that you will be able to quickly reference while you are designing that specific experience. This is a great way to set aside the colors you plan to use throughout the design so you won’t have to continuously use the eyedropper tool or enter in the specific color code whenever you are changing the color of text, shapes, or icons. Also, if you are creating your own templates, these colors will carry over to any copies of the experience that you create, so you can ensure the colors you are using across your templates are consistent.

Account Colors Palette

Your account color palette will be available for everyone in your account within every experience they create. Setting your brand colors as your account colors gives you the ability to have all of your specific colors right at hand while changing the color of text, images, and icons in the experience. This will keep your brand consistent across your experiences and increase the efficiency of your designers in the studio. 

Creating color palettes:

  1. In an experience, open up the color picker (this can be done by first selecting canvas, shape, or icon and then selecting the color swatch from the design tab)

  2. Apply a new color to the object

  3. Click the plus sign under Experience Colors or Account Colors to add it to that palette

Remember, Experience Colors will only live within this experience or copies of it that you create. Account Colors will be accessible in every experience you create across your account. If you would like to delete a color, simply right-click and select ‘Remove Color’ to remove it from your palette.