Adrian Javier
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Creating Shapes with the Shape Menu


The Studio has several shape tools available via the Shape Menu in the Studio's toolbar. This guide will review how to use the Shape Menu, stylize your shapes, and provide additional editing tips.

For information on how to create custom shapes in an experience, please refer to this guide.

Using the Shape Menu

  1. Click on the Shape Menu in the Studio's toolbar

  2. Select the shape tool you wish to use

  3. With the shape tool selected, click on the canvas and draw out your shape

Stylizing Shapes

Once you've created a shape, you can select it and stylize it to your preference in the Design tab on the right side of the Studio. Within these settings, you can adjust the following:

  • Canvas alignment (the Studio's alignment tools are just beneath the Design, Interact, and Animate panel toggles)

  • Canvas location (X / Y)

  • Shape size (Width / Height)

  • Shape Rotation

  • Corner Radius (rounded corners) - This option will only be present for square shapes. You can round all of the corners simultaneously, or click the corners icon in this section to apply rounding to each corner individually.

  • Opacity

  • Shape color (Fill)

  • Apply a stroke outline (Stroke)

  • Apply a drop shadow (Shadow)

Additional Tips

  • When using the shape tools via the Shape Menu, you can hold the Shift key while drawing out a shape on your canvas to create a perfectly symmetrical shape. When using the line tool, holding this key will create a perfectly vertical or horizontal line depending on the direction it's being drawn on your canvas.

  • Shapes can be quickly duplicated by holding down the Option (Mac) / Alt (Windows) key and then clicking on the shape and dragging out a duplicate. The copy (Command / Control + C) and paste (Command / Control + V) shortcuts can also be used to quickly duplicate a shape.

  • Shapes can be used to mask images in an experience. For more information on that process, please refer to this guide.