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Figma Import Integration

In our ongoing efforts to streamline your creative design process, Ceros now offers a Figma plugin to easily copy and paste assets from your Figma designs into a Ceros experience! This guide will review the process of enabling the plugin in Figma and how to copy/paste assets from Figma into Ceros.

Activating the Ceros Studio plugin in Figma

To enable the Ceros Studio plugin in Figma, please follow these steps:

  1. While viewing your design project in Figma, click on the Resources button in the top toolbar (this is located between the Text and Hand tools)

  2. Navigate to Plugins

  3. In the search bar - type in "Ceros Studio"

  4. Once the plugin appears in the results, click Run next to the plugin name to activate it in your Figma design

  5. A plugin window will then appear in Figma prompting you to select the asset(s) you wish to copy over to Ceros

  6. After this plugin has been activated in your Figma account, it will appear in your recent plugins so you can easily enable it in other Figma design projects (pictured below)

Note: Some users have experienced instances while working in Figma where they are unable to access plugins. As this is a behavior that occurs within Figma, Ceros is unable to resolve it. Please refer to Figma's support documentation for troubleshooting this issue should it occur.

Copying and Pasting from Figma into Ceros

As stated above, once the Ceros Studio plugin has been enabled in a Figma design project, a plugin window will appear that prompts you to select the asset(s) you wish to bring over into Ceros from your Figma design. After that appears, follow these steps:

  1. In your Figma layers (or directly on your Figma canvas), select the asset(s) you wish to copy

  2. Once selected, click the Copy to clipboard button in the Ceros Studio plugin window (pictured below)

  3. With these assets copied, open up the Ceros experience in the Studio that you'll be pasting these assets into.

  4. Using the keyboard shortcut Command (Mac) / Control (Windows) + V will paste your Figma assets into your Ceros experience (pictured below)

Note: Please be aware that there may be scenarios where not all elements from Figma successfully paste into Ceros due to compatibility issues. Some workarounds include:

  • Define any images with "Crop" in the image editing section

    • "Fill" may result in distorted images when pasted in Studio and Editor

  • Outline strokes for things like lines, icons, or other SVG/vector elements

    • Outlining strokes will allow you to change the color using Fill within Studio and Editor