Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Flip Object Horizontally or Vertically

Occasionally, you may want to flip an image or icon on its horizontal or vertical plane. But rather than running over to your favorite image editing tool, you can now easily make those changes directly in the Ceros Studio.

How do I flip my image?

To flip an image or icon, simply:

  1. Select the object you would like to flip.

  2. Right-click on that object, and select ‘Flip Horizontal’ or ‘Flip Vertical’.

What file types can you flip?

Currently, you can flip:

  • PNGs

  • JPEGs

  • SVGs

  • GIFs

How is flipping different from rotating?

Flipping an asset mirrors it along a horizontal or vertical axis. Meanwhile, rotating an object does exactly that – rotates around a central point. If you would prefer to rotate an object, simply follow the below steps! 

  1. Select the object you would like to rotate.

  2. Hover your cursor over the corner of the selected object until you see the rotate icon. 

  3. Click and move your cursor around the asset. You can also hold shift while rotating to snap to 45° intervals.

Alternatively, you can input the specific degree you would like to rotate the object. To do this, navigate to the Design Panel, and under the rotation section type in the degree value.

Flipping your objects in the studio can increase your workflow efficiency.