Lianna Doley
 · Community @ Ceros

How Do I Make Changes After Publishing?

Making changes after publishing:

You can update your experience any time after publishing. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Edits made after publishing are only visible in the Real-time Preview until you press the Update button to publish the changes.

  • Your Experience URL will stay the same unless you manually change it. No need to update any embed codes.

  • Changing the number of pages or hotspots will affect your Ceros Analytics. We recommend whenever making extensive changes you replace the existing experience with a copy. See Replace embedded content without coding.

Updating the embed code:

Some edits to your experience will require updating the embed code to reflect the new changes. 

All of the following require updating the embed code:

  • Changed canvas size, whether smaller or larger (on desktop, tablet, or mobile)

  • Added a layout (tablet and/or mobile)

  • Changed the browser scaling setting 

To grab the new embed code, press the Update button to publish the changes and copy the new embed code.

Please note: Making simple updates like editing or replacing text, images, or embedded content will not require updating the embed code.