Adrian Javier
 · Pun Enthusiast

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons

Studio has built-in interactions for sharing published experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even emailing the experience to a friend. To create a social share button:

  1. Select the item you want users to click on. This can be any Hotspot or object on the canvas that isn’t already interactive (like videos).

  2. Navigate to the Interact Tab in the Inspector Panel.

  3. Choose the On Click trigger and one of the Share actions. Your options are Email to a Friend, Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, and Pin to Pinterest.

  4. Double-click on the Hotspot or object in your layers panel and give it a brief, but descriptive name. This will be displayed in your analytics, so be sure it’s both unique and easy to identify.


  • The built-in share actions point directly to your Studio experience. To share the parent page for embedded content, use the Go to URL action with a direct sharing link. We use this site for Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and email, and this site for Facebook.

  • Social sharing will NOT work in preview. The experience must be published in order for social sharing to work correctly.