Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

How to Duplicate an Experience

When working in Studio, there will probably be a time when you simply want to make a copy of an experience so you don’t have to start from scratch. Thankfully, we’ve made that process as painless as possible.

Duplicating an Experience

  1. Open up your Ceros Admin and dive into the Project folder which contains the experience you'd like to duplicate

  2. Hover over the experience tile that you wish to duplicate, and click the Options menu (...) in the lower-right corner of the tile

  3. Click Duplicate

  4. You will have the option to save the selected experience into the same Project folder or move it to another one.

  5. Each duplicate experience starts unpublished with a fresh set of analytics. You can give it a new title, new Experience URL, and change it however you want without affecting the original version. When you’re ready, you can publish the experience just like you started from scratch.

Swapping Out Experience URLs

Once you have made your changes, you may want to point the existing URL to the new experience you just created. This will save you from having users navigating to an out-of-date experience, or having to update your existing embed code.

  • Navigate to the Settings Panel on the original experience and copy the Experience URL value.

  • Change the value of this field to something different and re-publish the experience. This frees up the existing URL for use with another experience.

  • Navigate to the Settings Panel on the new experience and paste the original Experience URL value here.

  • Publish the new experience, and your website and users will automatically be directed to the next experience.