Password Protected Experiences

Note: Password protection for Ceros is not a default studio feature, and must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager—so be sure to reach out to your Ceros contact to have it turned on for your account. Then, read on to learn how to password protect a Ceros experience!

As Ceros can be leveraged to create content across a wide variety of use cases, there may come a time when you’d like to create content with a more limited audience. Think, internal comms that you don’t want anyone external to your organization to read, or RFPs that you’d only like to be visible to certain prospects and sales teams. In these situations, you can of course disable SEO for the experience in your settings panel, but you can also take things one step further and leverage the Ceros password protection feature.

This feature enables you to apply a simple password to your experience, so that way anyone who wants to view the content must know and enter the password to access the experience.

  1. Open up the experience you’d like to password protect in the Studio.

  2. Navigate to the Settings Panel and open it up to the Experience Settings tab.

  3. Check the box next to “Password for Published Experience.”

  4. Type the password in the field that says “Enter Password Here.”

    • Note: your password must be at least 4 characters. No special characters, capital letters, or numbers are required in the password.

  5. Click “Ok” to close your settings panel and save your new password.

  6. Once the experience is ready to go live, Publish the experience.

Now, when you view your standalone Ceros experience, you will see a special login page that prompts you to enter the password. Once you enter the password, you can view the published experience.

We’d recommend leveraging password protection solely on standalone content, as the passwords do not consistently work as intended on embedded experiences.