Preparing Your Content for Social Media Sharing

To optimize your experience for social media sharing, you can customize the title, description, and photo you want to appear within posts for Open Graph enabled platforms and Twitter sharing.

What is Open Graph?

Open Graph Tags enable you to provide data to customize the way you want your page to look on social media sites that use the Open Graph protocol such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

How to Customize Your Posts:

  • Within the Settings Panel in the Studio, click on the Social tab.

  • Enter the title, description, and photo you want to appear on social media (both for your Open Graph sites and for Twitter).

  • Publish your experience. Now, when you share the Experience URL on social media or utilize a social media related interaction such as ‘On Click –> Post to Facebook’, you should see your new custom metadata populated in the post.

Note: the first time your experience is shared on Facebook, it will not include a featured image due to Facebook’s crawling process. Take a look at this article from Facebook for more information.