Replace Published Experience Without Losing URL

When making big changes after publishing, it’s a good idea to create a copy of your experience instead of overwriting the original. This will allow you to maintain clean analytics data for each new version/copy of your published experience, while always having the original to refer back to.

There may be cases where you want to use the originally published experience's Experience URL on a copy/new version of that experience. This article will cover how to duplicate a published experience and free up the original's URL/slug for use with a duplicate.

Making a Duplicate of a Published Experience

Note: If you want to start fresh with a new/blank experience and use a currently published experience's Experience URL with it, please disregard this step and proceed to the following section.

Within the experience's specific project folder on the Ceros admin Projects page:

  1. Navigate to the experience you want to replace/duplicate. While hovering over its tile, click into the settings toggle dots (...) in the lower right corner of the tile, and then click the Duplicate button.

  2. You'll then be prompted to select the Project folder you want to copy the experience into. Once that's been selected, click Duplicate to complete the duplication process.

  3. Click the Studio button while hovering over the experience's tile to update this duplicated experience.

Swapping Out Experience URLs

Once you've made your updates, you’ll want to swap out the Experience URLs. This will save you from having to share a new URL or update your embed code. To accomplish this:

  1. Enter the Studio and navigate to the Settings panel of the original experience. Under the Experience settings tab, copy the Experience URL value.

  2. Change the value of that field to another URL slug and then Update/re-publish the experience. This frees up the original Experience URL for use on another experience.

  3. Enter the Studio and navigate to the Settings panel of the new experience and paste the original Experience URL value in the Experience URL field under the Experience settings tab.

  4. Publish the new experience, and your original Experience URL will point to your new experience.