Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

The Remove Background Tool

Layering transparent imagery on your canvas adds depth to your experience, and combined with some sleek animations, can produce some cool effects in Studio!

Creating images with transparent backgrounds, however, can be tedious. It often requires the use of external design tools like Photoshop, and can sometimes take hours to execute.

Enter the Remove Background tool. This completely changes the game when it comes to quickly creating transparent images in Studio. Using this tool, you can remove the background of image assets in your Studio experience in one click. No tedious “cutting out” is required.

This tool works with both JPGs and PNGs imported into Studio, as well as images pulled from our Getty image integration via the Media Library. And no worries if you’ve already done some editing in Studio to those images (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, or even cropping), those will carry over to the new version of the image as well. You can also add a drop shadow to your new background-less image!

To remove a background from an image:

  • Right-click on that image and select Remove Background.

    • In a matter of seconds, the foreground will be detected, and everything else behind it will disappear automatically, leaving behind an image with a completely transparent background.

And if you change your mind:

  • Right-click on the image again and select Restore Background to return it to its original state.

Not only does the Remove Background tool save you the time it would take to cut out an image, but it also streamlines your workflow so that you don’t have to leave Studio to jump back into a different design tool to cut out those backgrounds!