Unpublishing Ceros Content

There may come a time when you’d like to unpublish a piece of Ceros content. Maybe you’re retiring an existing webpage, maybe you’re finished running a campaign and would like to remove the marketing materials from the web, or maybe you simply hit publish too early and would like to return the experience to a draft format. 

Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to delete the experience to achieve your goal. You can instead opt to unpublish an existing Ceros experience and remove it from the web, right within your admin.

To unpublish an experience, hover over the published experience's tile in your project admin folder and click on the three setting dots (...) at the bottom right of the tile. From here, hover over the Manage button and then click Unpublish. You will then be prompted to confirm the action by clicking Unpublish within the prompt. Once that button is clicked, you will be notified that your experience was unpublished.

Moving forward, if you’d like to republish an experience, you can do so in the same way. Hover over the experience's tile, click on the three setting dots (...) in the lower right corner of the tile, hover over Manage, and then click Republish. You will then be prompted to confirm the republish action with the Republish button. This will push the experience live and resume the collection of analytics on the experience. You can also opt to publish the experience directly within the studio.

Please note: Viewing the experience URL after unpublishing an experience will result in a 404-error page. Once the content is republished, the URL will once again display the experience.