Lianna Doley
 · Community @ Ceros

Uploading Ceros Content to Highspot

If you use Highspot to organize your team’s content, feel free to also add your Ceros experiences so your team can access and view everything in one spot. This article will review how you can add your Ceros content to Highspot. 

Uploading a Ceros URL

Once you publish your experience, you’ll want to copy the published URL. Then follow the following steps to upload your experience to Highspot: 

  1. Navigate to Highspot and log into your account.

  2. Select the “Spot” where you’d like to add your experience.

  3. Select “Add Link”.

  4. Paste the URL of your experience. 

  5. Choose if you’d like the experience to be for internal or external use.

  6. Select “Add” to upload your link to Highspot.

And that’s it! Now you can view your experience inside Highspot. 

Uploading an exported Ceros experience 

You can also upload your experience to Highspot by exporting your experience as a tar.gz and converting it to a zip file. Follow the steps below to prepare your file and upload it into Highspot.

First, prepare your file for offline access

  1. In the Ceros Admin, navigate to the experience you’d like to export.

  2. Click the Options menu (...) in the bottom right corner of the experience tile, click Export, and then choose the tar.gz exporting option.

  3. After downloading the exported file, navigate to the file saved on your computer. 

  4. Right-click on the folder that contains the index.html file and select ‘Compress (folder name)’ to create a standard zip file. This will create a zip file that has the index.html file in the root. Now the file is ready to be uploaded into Highspot.

Please note: if you are using a PC, you will have to unzip the tar.gz file through Winzip or Winrar to then create a standard zip file. 

Next, import the Zip File into Highspot

  1. Navigate to the “Spot” where you’d like to add your Ceros experience in Highspot.

  2. Select “Add Files” and choose ‘Upload Files’.

  3. Either drag and drop the zip file or select “Choose Files” from your desktop.

  4. Choose if you’d like the experience to be for internal or external use.

  5. Select “Add” to upload your file to Highspot.

Once your content is uploaded, you and your team can view your experiences in one spot.

Please note: Anything requiring internet connection in your experience will not function properly. This includes but is not limited to: Google Fonts, Embedded Objects (YouTube videos, Google Maps, etc.), or Content accessed via our Integrations (Marketo, Hubspot, Chartblocks, etc.)