Using Gifs for Social Media and Email Promotion

When your Ceros experience is complete, chances are you’re going to want to share it! The first thing to do is to set up the social sharing options located in the settings panel of your Ceros Studio experience to customize what images and descriptions show up. But what about when you are emailing your experience directly to clients?

One great use case we’ve seen is to incorporate an animated GIF to show off some of the animations and interactions within the experience. This way, you get the benefits of showing off the beautiful animated visuals you’ve created, without the restrictions of html and javascript in email. To create an animated GIF like the one below, we recommend you use an online GIF maker like GIPHY Capture.

As a best practice, we recommend keeping your GIFs under 1 MB for optimal load times.

For even more information on sharing your Ceros Studio experiences on social media, take a look at Preparing Your Content for Social Media Sharing.