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Using the (New) Text Tool

The new Text Tool is a foundational rebuild of text in Studio and Editor that gives users several new capabilities. This guide will review its new features and notes on implementation in your Ceros workflow.

Important Things to Note

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind when leveraging the new Text Tool:

  • Any experiences using the Legacy Text Tool cannot use the new Text Tool without first updating a legacy text experience with the Text Tool Experience Converter. This can be accessed on any legacy text experience tile in the Ceros admin (screenshot below), provided that the new Text Tool and Converter have been enabled in your Ceros account.

    Users cannot copy/paste text from legacy text experiences into experiences using the new Text Tool (or vice versa).

New Text Tool Features

  • Asian fonts support 

  • Support for more than one font style per text box (multiple font families, font sizes, and line heights are now possible within the same text box)

  • Improved bounding box behavior

    • New text will use a "fixed" bounding box by default. Text that overflows outside of the bounding box will be hidden. 

  • Bulleted and numbered lists, superscript, and subscript support

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