Kelsea Coker
 · LX Designer

What is the Canvas Adjustment Tool?

Ever been working on an experience and realized that you needed to add or remove a bit of canvas in the middle or top of your experience?

Instead of increasing the canvas dimensions, selecting all of your assets (unlocking and showing all of them), and manually adjusting your layout, you can simply utilize the Canvas Adjustment Tool! This feature allows you to easily add or subtract a portion of your canvas. All objects, hotspots, guides, anchors, and anything else below the area that you designate will be shifted downward, or that area will be removed (if removing canvas), quickly allowing you to manipulate the canvas exactly how you need it.

To use the Canvas Adjustment Tool, simply select it from your toolbar and indicate where on your canvas you want to add or remove the space. Once you have specified the area, you can choose whether you want to add or remove space.