Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Adding and Editing Images with Editor

In Editor, you may need to add images to the experience–whether you are updating graphics or adding new stock photos, images are a great way to make your designs fun and interesting. Editor allows you to add and replace images within the experience seamlessly and make edits to each image. With images, you can crop, add shadows, adjust the opacity, and much more to ensure the image is cohesive with the design.

Adding images

Using the toolbar:

  1. In the toolbar, select the Media Menu 

    1. Choose Add Image to select an image from your desktop 

    2. Choose Stock Media to select an image from the library. Simply drag and drop the asset from the Stock Media onto the Canvas.

      1. Images (Getty)

      2. Video (Getty)

      3. Icons (NounProject)

Note: Getty Images and Getty Videos are premium Ceros features.

Drag and drop:

  1. From your desktop, select the image(s) you want to add

  2. Drag the file from your desktop and drop it into the Experience 

Editor supports many file types, including:

  1. JPG

  2. PNG

  3. GIF

  4. SVG

Editing images

Using the Design Panel

  1. Click on the desired image to select it and open the Design Panel

  2. Make the desired edits to the image:

    1. Replace image

    2. Alt-Tag

    3. Stroke 

  3. Or, select the “Advanced” toggle to access the more robust formatting options, including:

    1. States

    2. Rotation

    3. Corner Radius 

    4. Opacity

    5. Edit the Image settings

      1. Blending mode

      2. Brightness

      3. Contrast

      4. Hue

      5. Saturation

      6. Sepia 

      7. Invert

    6. Add Shadow

Using the right-click menu:

  1. Select the desired image and right-click 

  2. From the menu, make any desired edits:

    1. Replace Image

    2. Flip Horizontal

    3. Flip Vertical

    4. Crop

    5. Remove background

Masked images:

Editor allows you to easily modify cropped or masked images, from replacing the image entirely to adjusting the size, click here to learn more about editing masked images.