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Different Media Types

Maximize your experience with our tips and tricks for annotating different content types on our convenient platform. Whether working with PDFs, videos, images, or websites, streamlines your process so you can make collaboration super simple. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of screenshots, lengthy emails, and clarifying phone calls! 

Here’s how you can get the best results for your creative projects.


Instead of spending hours sending endless email bullet points that are difficult to understand, you can now click anywhere on a website and leave a comment in seconds. Just drop a pin directly on the element you want to be modified.     

Anyone who works with websites can benefit from using, but let’s go into more detail about the four main groups below: 

  1. Creative agencies 

  2. Developers

  3. Designers 

  4. Remote teams 

Creative agencies 

These agencies work under tight deadlines with complex workflows, so everyone must stay aligned. Clients and stakeholders will also sometimes have varying perspectives, making it feel like everyone is speaking a different language! 

With, you can have everyone can come together in the same place, to collaborate and agree on the best next steps. 

Remove the middle person by giving your clients and stakeholders the ability to reply to each other's comments, in real time!


With the rise of small businesses outsourcing web development, reliable and concise feedback is critical. So giving feedback to a tech-savvy developer through fragmented email chains or Slack messages is not ideal! 

With, you’ll have one centralized hub to collect feedback and give context for technical jargon if needed. On top of this, it will even save you time and money on endless in-person meetings and outsourcing costs.


The review process for designers can be intense. But what if we told you that could make it incredibly simple? Here’s an example:

  1. The designer creates a MarkUp with multiple web assets and sends it to a client through a shareable link.

  2. The client adds concise notes on the parts of the MarkUp where design edits are needed.

  3. The designer implements the feedback, and the client quickly approves the design.

  4. Everyone is in amazement at just how straightforward that process was!

Remote teams

Remote employees can't just walk to a co-worker's desk to chat about projects; collaboration has to be digital instead. That's why remote-first businesses often use various digital tools to help with this. However, while most of these tools may be adequate for editing text or single steps in your process, they can't handle everything. 

But annotating videos, live websites, and other file formats is a piece of cake with Now you can give seamless, remote feedback on any asset you desire.

How to utilize Website MarkUps

When creating Website MarkUps, it’s possible to copy and paste the required URL into and go from there. However, here are a few tips and tricks to help elevate your Website MarkUp game:

  1. Download the Google Chrome extension

    1. Creating MarkUps directly from the extension lets you annotate the website you are already on!

    2. Head to your ‘Settings’ and turn on automatic screenshots for comments so your collaborators can see exactly what the site looked like when you left your comments. 

  2. Create one MarkUp for the entire website. 

    • Toggle the ‘Comment’ and ‘Browse’ feature to navigate the site and leave comments on any page. 

  3. Flick between device views. 

    • On your Website MarkUp, you can see the site's appearance on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device. 

    • Leave feedback specific to that device type.


Manually jotting down feedback on a sheet of paper can be tiring. Especially if you’ve got tons of pages to annotate or you later forget where you left the paper! Do you want a more efficient way of providing feedback on PDF documents? Well, look no further than PDF MarkUps!

Annotating PDFs on allows you to add suggestions, comments, and digital sticky notes inside the document. Whether you're working on an eBook, a whitepaper, or a 50-page report, PDF MarkUps make it easy to provide contextual feedback faster than ever. 

There’s also no need to purchase a license, download any clunky software, or sign up for an account. You can just leave feedback on any PDF directly on our platform!

So, what do you want to achieve with PDF annotation? Do you need it for work, study, or personal use? No matter what your needs are, has you covered. Just load your desired PDF onto the platform and start giving instant feedback! 

Here are a few different ways you can use


Do you find yourself bogged down by annotating never-ending PDFs in your day job? Or are you stuck collecting feedback through email because your team doesn’t have access to PDF editing software? With multiple internal and external stakeholders, sharing your feedback with multiple parties can also be a hassle. is the solution to all your collaboration headaches! With a few clicks, you can create a MarkUp, share it with your team, and even revoke their access once all changes have been made. No more jumping through hoops to get everyone on the same page.


Are you working on a personal project that you're passionate about? Whether you’re updating your CV for your dream job or writing a novel, it's always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes to give feedback. But how do you receive constructive criticism from friends and family in a simple way?

Enter! With just a few clicks, you can share your work with the important people in your life and receive feedback that will help you take your project to the next level.

With the power of digital feedback, you can bring your personal projects to life and turn your dreams into reality. 


Gone are the days of struggling to keep up in class with mountains of study notes. With, learning is always more fun and interactive! No more siloed learning; it's time to tap into the power of collaboration by leaving interactive feedback.

You can even take your study game to the next level by sharing your notes with your study group. By sharing these, you're not only enriching your own understanding, but you're also helping your classmates to achieve that coveted A+. And if you miss a class? No worries - your study squad will be able to share their MarkUps with you. 

Work smarter, not harder!


With, there are endless opportunities to enhance your video collaboration and review process. Here's what you can expect from Video MarkUps:

  • Accurate, contextual feedback: Leave precise feedback on frames with second-by-second precision.

  • Ease of sharing: Share your annotations with anyone - with no restrictions on who you can share them with. You don’t even need a account!

  • Organized, structured feedback: Keep all your feedback in one place, with the ability to reply to others, attach files, and resolve comments.

  • Time-saving: Simplify and speed up the review process, no matter how many contributors are involved.

Video MarkUps are a game-changer for everyone, but these groups will love it the most:

  • Agencies creating videos for clients

  • Independent editors and creatives

  • Content creators and YouTubers

  • Online course creators

  • People in highly-regulated industries

Video annotation also really helps in a remote work setting. With Video MarkUps, you can save time on Zoom meetings to discuss individual video frame edits, leading to a faster approval process from start to finish.

Here are some more tips on how to make the most out of this form of annotation:

  • Use to request project briefs so you can easily ask for quick clarification on specific parts of your team’s feedback.

  • Make annotation tools part of the standard procedure for the project approval process to get faster sign-off.

  • Use’s “Resolved” tab to review the feedback one more time before marking your project as done.

  • Expand the critique you receive by asking for your peers’ opinions to ensure you’re not missing any finer details.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks from your process by optimizing your creative workflow.

The good news is that hassle-free video annotation only takes a few seconds - saving you from a lot of video editing time constraints.


Design is all about creativity and expression, but the image and design proofing process can often be a real drag. That's where image annotation saves the day!

You no longer need endless email threads and confusing doodles on your designs. Now you can take your design workflow to the next level with the magic of Image MarkUps.

With image annotation, you can get your feedback across with ease and clarity. You can use it to get direct, concise feedback on specific parts of a design instead of having your designers spend hours figuring out what design element your feedback refers to., is like having a design superhero sidekick. With its user-friendly interface and powerhouse features, you'll conquer any complicated feedback process in no time.

Here are three types of users that would benefit greatly from image annotation: 


Designers rejoice! Image annotation is here to help you get quick feedback without the endless client back-and-forth. There are no more frustrating feedback loops where you can’t figure out which part of your design the feedback refers to. Or spending hours tracking down an email about color palette changes. 

Image MarkUps can give you the hassle-free design process you’ve been dreaming about.

Creative agencies

Similar to designers, creative agencies deal with a lot of visual content that needs reviewing.

Instead of opening Pandora’s Box by asking for feedback over email, a lot of creatives prefer using image annotation tools to streamline their design reviews. Image MarkUps make the entire process smoother, especially when there are multiple stakeholders involved.

Remote teams

Remote teams are always looking for new ways to improve collaboration. Well, Image MarkUps can help with that! Remote designers can now use image annotation to streamline communication with team members without face-to-face interactions.

Instead of pinging everyone on Slack to ask for feedback, a simple Image MarkUp link and an email notification will get you there faster and easier.

No matter where you fit in the design industry, is here for you. Whether working on a video project, collaborating with a team, or tackling a new project, provides a comprehensive solution. Say hello to your all-in-one platform for every creative feedback need!