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Creating or making changes to your website can be tedious and time-consuming, but with, the process becomes a breeze. Simply paste your site’s URL into our platform to create a new Website MarkUp!

Remember: when you update your site through your CMS, those changes will automatically be reflected in However, the speed of these updates may depend on your WiFi, server connection, and clearing of your cache.

One of the most exciting features of is the ability to annotate directly on your website. Your content will automatically update in real-time as you make changes to your site in your CMS, but if you remove an asset that was previously tied to a MarkUp pin, the pin will be moved to the sidebar. You can still access these comments, even when the asset they’re attached to is no longer there.

To make it even easier to track down pins attached to hidden elements, you can also use the Chrome Extension. Our extension takes automatic screenshots with each comment so that you always have a point of reference for what the site looked like when the comment was pinned.

Changing Your Site’s URL Structure with Ease

If you're looking to update your site's URL structure, keep in mind how this affects your MarkUp pins. Pins are synced to the original URL you used when creating your MarkUp, so your pins may disappear if the URL structure changes.