Dallin Kay
 · Director of Education

Ceros Import

With Ceros Import, you can bring your existing design files directly into the Studio with the click of a button. Import will parse your design file and unpack as much content as possible. This includes pulling in any images, replicating the layer's structure, converting text to editable text in the studio, and aligning your assets exactly where they belong. This will demonstrably speed up the process of setting up your canvas so you can get right to the fun stuff.

Import enables you to pull files created in Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), and Sketch (.sketch) right into Ceros. You can also copy and paste assets from Figma designs into Studio using our Figma Import Integration. For more information, please refer to this guide.

How to Use Ceros Import

  • Navigate to the Admin and either select an existing project or create a new one.

  • Once inside this project folder, select the Import option and then select the design file from your computer that you'd like to import.

  • That’s it! This will import your entire design file into your account so you can get to work creating your experience in the Studio.

The Fine Print

While the Studio strives to support various asset creation methods in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, it might not be equipped to handle every single capability of these tools. For optimal results, consider the following before importing:

  • Address any compatibility issues within your design file before importing. If issues arise post-import, adjust them in the design file and then copy and paste the individual assets directly into the Studio. There's no need to re-upload the entire design file.

  • During import, your layers will convert into groups within the Studio. If you prefer using folders for organization, you can transform these groups into folders in the Studio.

  • The maximum file size for import is 5 GB, and there's a limit of 1,000 components per imported file.

Note: Data from compatibility issues helps us enhance features in future updates.

Unsupported Attributes:

Studio currently doesn't support the following attributes across all design platforms:

  • Adjustment layers (merge layers before import)

  • Blending modes, Fx overlays, color, and gradient (rasterize before import)

  • Text written on a path, and mixed text weights in the same text box

Specifically, here are some things to keep in mind when importing from: 


  • Photoshop files will be imported into the Studio at a 2:1 ratio to account for retina displays, so you’ll want to ensure you are creating your design in Photoshop at 2x the dimensions of the Studio canvas.

  • Your Photoshop layers will import into the Studio in the same organizational structure that you have in your .psd layers panel, so be sure to correctly label sections and organize your hierarchy before import.

  • Before import, you’ll need to upload your Font file into the Studio (this goes for Google fonts as well). See this article for more information on how to upload fonts.

  • For text, the Studio will import 2 versions of each Photoshop text box. One as live text and one as a png file. You can use the png to better align your live text, but be sure to delete the png of text before going live.

  • Multiple artboards will be combined into a single page, which will affect the dimensions of your canvas.

  • If there are assets outside your artboard, these will also be imported into the Studio and will change the width or height of your experience.

  • Vector Smart Objects will be imported as .pngs.


  • Illustrator files will be imported into the Studio at a 1:1 ratio, so there is no need to double your canvas size while designing.

  • Illustrator files will need to be saved with PDF Compatibility enabled for a successful import.

  • Any assets outside your artboard will not be imported.

  • Multiple artboards will not be imported into the studio, only the first artboard will be uploaded.

  • When uploading through Import, the Studio will read vectors from .ai files as path shapes. If you’d like to keep these as vectors, we’d recommend copying and pasting them directly from Illustrator or exporting them as svgs.


  • Sketch will import into the Studio at a 1:1 ratio, so there is no need to double your canvas size while designing.

  • There can only be one page per Sketch file, so if your file has multiple pages, you’ll need to separate them into their own individual files.

As you can imagine, Ceros Import saves you a ton of time when creating new experiences. However, if you’d prefer to drag and drop your assets into Studio from your desktop individually, or copy and paste them into Studio from a design tool, you’re free to use those methods as well!