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How to Add and Edit Text in Studio

  1. Select the Text Icon from the toolbar from the left side of your Ceros Studio

  2. Click & drag your mouse anywhere on the canvas to draw out a text box

You’ll see that when you have a text box selected, all of your text editing functionality will appear in the design tab of the inspector panel.

Choosing a Font

To change your font, you can click the dropdown and choose from your already uploaded fonts, or you can click the blue plus sign next to the font dropdown to add fonts. Ceros has a built-in integration with Google Fonts which has a repository of over 800 web-based fonts. Additionally, you can easily import your own custom fonts into the Ceros Studio.

Upload your Own Fonts

To upload fonts to your system is as simple as drag and drop. Once you click “Add Fonts,” you can drag and drop your font files directly into the font explorer.

And that’s it! Your font will now be listed in the Uploaded Fonts section and can be added to any text box in your experience. Additionally, these fonts will now be available to any Ceros user in your account, so you don’t have to worry about uploading fonts for each user.

Supported Font Types

Ceros currently supports TrueType Font .ttf, OpenType Font .otf, and Web Open Font Format .woff.

Editing Text

Click once on a text box to apply styles to the entire object. Double-click to edit the copy or apply styles inline.

Select a portion of text to apply bold, italic, underline and colors inline. If you click outside the text object, double-click to return to edit mode. Ceros supports both Google Fonts and Uploaded Fonts and allows users to adjust size, letter spacing between individual characters, line heights and more.

Creating Hyperlinks

To hyperlink text in Ceros Studio, double click into the text box that you’d like to link. From here, you can highlight the text and right click to select Create Link. You’ll see that there are three different link types in Ceros:

  1. Go to URL- This option creates a traditional hyperlink where you can link the user off of your Ceros experience to a new URL. You can choose to open in a new window so that they do not leave your experience entirely.

  2. Go to Page- This option enables you to create navigation throughout your experience and you can use it to link users to other pages in the same Ceros experience.

  3. Scroll to Position- This allows your user to jump to an anchor point you place elsewhere on the page. You can select an anchor from the toolbar and place that anywhere on your canvas, and from there you can use the Scroll to Position interaction to create a hyperlink that jumps your user up or down the page.

The hyperlink will be a standard blue underlined format, but you can adjust in the Design tab to fit your experience as needed.

Which Font Sizes Work Best?

Fonts in Ceros are rendered as live text in your web browser. This allows your content to be easily indexed by search engines and reduces overall file size.

Some web browsers may soften the edges of smaller or odd-numbered font sizes when scaling. For best results, use the standard web font sizes 18, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 96.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I recently uploaded a font, but do not see it in my drop down. What happened?

A: Fonts still need to be selected in the Font Explorer and added to individual experiences. Ensure the fonts you want to use have a check mark next to them in the explorer and are listed in the “Experience Fonts" section.

Q: I tried to add a font but I got the following error message: This font is already in your library. Change your file name if you want to upload it.”

A: Someone in your organization has already uploaded this font file, or it is already available from Google. Do a search for it in the Font Explorer.

Q: I want to use a Non-Latin font. Does Ceros support this?

A: The short answer: not currently. The long answer: some different language fonts will work fine in the platform, however we have been unable to do extensive testing to fully support this. We recommend visiting the Google Fonts site and searching by language for your font. Once found you can then locate that font name in Ceros.

Q: Are Asian fonts supported?

A: Asian Fonts are currently not supported for font upload.

Q: My font is a supported file however it keeps failing to upload? What now?

A: We’ve done extensive testing uploading 3,000+ fonts, but we can’t possibly test them all. If you have a specific font you’re struggling with, please ensure it is not corrupt. You can also send it through to support and we will investigate.

Q: Will my imported fonts be available in an exported experience?

A: Yes. We convert all uploaded font files to .woff and CSS which will be included in your exported assets.

Q: How do I delete a font I accidentally uploaded?

A: At this time, you cannot delete uploaded fonts. Additionally, these fonts will be available across your company’s Ceros account.