Using Your Own Vanity Domain

When you publish a Ceros experience, you can set up your own vanity domain name to direct users to a specified experience. Usually, the URL we direct users to will look something like this:

However, you can easily use any subdomain you own to make it look something like this:

To accomplish this, set up your subdomain's CNAME record so that it points to If you have questions about this step, reach out to Ceros support via the chat widget in the studio.

Once your CNAME record is set up, email [email protected], and we’ll connect the subdomain to your account.

Your subdomain can be used with any or all of your published experiences. You can even set up multiple different subdomains within your account. Once you've let support know about the subdomain you wish to connect, it can be live in less than an hour.

Things to Know

  • If this article sounds like Klingon, pass it along to your domain administrator and they’ll likely know what to do.

  • The view.ceros URL will continue to be available and display in an Experiences settings panel when using a vanity domain.

  • You’ll want to choose a subdomain that doesn’t host existing content. Otherwise, visitors will see Ceros instead of your original web content.

  • Ceros provides you the flexibility to use any subdomain name you'd like for your vanity domain! There may be instances where you want to use a more general subdomain name that covers a variety of experiences (example: Alternatively, you may want to use a domain that is campaign-specific (example:

  • The “experience slug” is the last part of the “” URL, i.e., If you would like to change what comes after the subdomain, you can do so in the “Experience URL” field within the experience's Settings panel under the Experience settings tab, and then submit the change with the "OK" button. If the experience is already published, be sure to click the Update button after completing this step for the new experience URL to go live.

  • If your vanity domain utilizes a CAA record, you might need your IT team to update it before it can be secured for Ceros. More specifically, your IT team will want to add and to the CAA record for you vanity domain (and root domain, if necessary).

  • Lastly, if you prefer the subdomain to read like a root domain, (i.e. instead of you would first create a www entry for it and point its CNAME record towards Then, set up a URL forward within your DNS from the root domain (i.e. to the www entry (i.e. This would be useful to add because if someone doesn't type the www, it may not always resolve as loading with the www in front of it.

  • If you’d like to connect a vanity domain to a default experience during the initial connection process, you can include that in your request, and our team will be happy to get that done for you. However, this is also something you can add or change yourself!

  • To add or change the default experience for a vanity domain:

    1. Click the "Settings" tab on the left side of the Ceros Admin dashboard

    2. Click "Vanity Domains"

    3. Click the plus ( + ) icon next to the vanity domain

    4. Select a published experience to use as the default experience

      • If there has been a default experience added and you would like to change it, there will be a pencil icon that you can click to change the specified default experience. Be sure to save the changes afterward.

      • Note: Even if a "default" experience has been assigned to a connected vanity domain within your account, you can still use that same vanity domain with any other published experience as well by appending the experience URL to the end of the vanity domain URL in your browser's address bar.

  • To ensure your vanity domain URL shows up when sharing on social media and in search results, be sure to add the full vanity domain – including experience slug – to the Canonical URL field within the SEO section of the Settings panel. 

  • If you’re interested in making your vanity domain secure (so that it is accessed via "HTTPS" rather than "HTTP"), please note this in your vanity domain request to our support team and they will be able to set that up as well.