Why Do I Need to Publish My Experience?

Previews vs. Published Experiences:

Ceros Real-time Previews work very similarly to published experiences, however, you should never share your preview with external clients. Below are just a few reasons why.

Version Control

Any time you make even the slightest change in the Studio, it will show up in the Real-time Preview. The published experience, however, remains unchanged until you decide to republish it. This ensures clients cannot see your changes until you’re ready to share them.


Published experiences use less bandwidth per experience and live on a server designed for higher volumes of traffic. The Preview Server, on the other hand, is designed for far less traffic. Also, keep in mind that previews are constantly looking for real-time changes, so they require more resources and would ultimately provide a subpar experience for your users.


Ceros does not track the Analytics on unpublished experiences or Real-time Previews. We only track stats on published experiences.


Real-time Previews are not available during our scheduled release and maintenance windows. However, published experiences are never affected by Studio downtime.

Social Sharing

The built-in tools for sharing your experience via social media are not functional for Preview.