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Creating a MarkUp

To get started, you’ll need to upload some content to create a MarkUp. You can upload an image, video or PDF, or simply use the URL bar to create a Website MarkUp. supports over 30 different file formats so the possibilities are endless!

To create a Website MarkUp:

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the website you want to mark up into the box in your Workspace.

  2. Click ‘Go’.

  3. Your MarkUp will be created!

To create a Website MarkUp with the Chrome extension:

To get the best user experience and make collaboration even easier, you can download the Google Chrome extension.

  1. Click on the Chrome Extension

  2. Click 'Create MarkUp'

  3. Your MarkUp will be Created!

MarkUp Top Tip: If you upload a URL, you will be able to annotate the whole website at once, instead of just individual pages!

To create a digital MarkUp:

  1. Click ‘Upload’.

  2. Drag and drop the content into or browse your computer to upload the file you want.

  3. If you are uploading multiple pieces of content at once:
    a. To make separate MarkUps, click 'Separate'
    b. To merge files into one MarkUp, click 'Combine'

  4. Your MarkUp will be created!

MarkUp top tip: If you have multiple files (of the same type), you can upload them all at once into the same MarkUp to collaborate as one project!

Now you know how to create a MarkUp, let's see how to leave feedback for collaboration.